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The choice to have a breast enhancement is a very personal one. Many women feel incomplete without the sensuality afforded by full, attractive breasts. This may be brought on following the changes associated with pregnancy or weight loss with a loss of breast volume.
For these patients, breast augmentation is a very powerful operation, producing an enhancement of self-esteem and body image. Clothes fit better and are
easier to find. It is important that you take the time to find the right surgeon for your breast augmentation,
as your operation must be tailored to meet your needs

Options  for breast implant placement include:
1-Under the muscle

2-Above the muscle (subglandular)
3-Dual plane - partly behind the muscle and partly behind the breast tissue


Implants may be placed through three different types of incisions:

1-A small incision in the armpit (using an endoscope)

2-The lower fold of the breast

3-Around the nipple

​​ Many patients who have lost weight have deflated thighs with

 excess skin that can rub and cause discomfort.  These patients will benefit from a thigh lift.  A thigh lift removes the excess skin and results in firmer legs.   Some patients who have excess  fatty tissue of the leg are better served by liposuction as a first stage to debulk the legs and a later 2nd stage thighplasty .

Changes in body contour are a typical part of the aging process. Changes from pregnancy, age, and weight gain include excess skin above and below the belly button.  Other changes such as abdominal shape, descent of the pubis, lax muscles,  fatty deposits around the waist line and
stretch marks all can occur.   Because these developments happen to so many of us as the years  pass, and because more and more people
take advantage of plastic surgery to  look their best, many in Orlando
seek tummy tuck surgery, to regain their  youthful torso.
A successful tummy tuck must address all of these issues. It is important that the belly button maintains a natural shape and that the scars are low enough to be well hidden in undergarments and bathing suits while maintaining the shape and contour of an abdomen typical of youth. These are some of the details
Dr. McClure will discuss with you during your consultation. With a keen eye for body proportion, he will help you achieve your
desired goals. Many women yearn to have a flat abdomen but despite aggressive exercis and dieting are never able to regain that contoured look. With fluctuation in weight, males can find themselves with excess skin,
fat, and a lax abdomen. Abdominoplasty with Dr. McClure is an ideal solution for thesemen and women who long to restore their
youthful shape.
Patients with large breasts often suffer from neck pain, back pain, and shoulder pain. There are patients who do not wish to have large breasts and make a personal choice that smaller breasts will enhance their body contour. Patients often experience limitations in their activity and lifestyle secondary to the size   of their breasts.  Finding bras and swimsuits
can be very challenging.   Patients with uneven breasts will often benefit from a  breast reduction to create a more symmetric appearance. Dr. McClure has successfully performed many breast reductions. Breast reductions are performed
at an onsite fully accredited state  of the art surgical suite or he has privileges at most central  Florida hospitals. Of all the operations performed by plastic  surgeons, breast reduction results in the highest patient  satisfaction ( this has been
proven with studies)  After suffering from the ailments of
large breasts their entire life, most patients  undergoing
breast reduction don’t realize how much  improvement
in quality of life can be achieved with a breast reduction. 
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(excess arm skin excision)
 ​​ Some patients have excess arm skin that results after weight loss.  This can be excised with a brachioplasty.   This results with a better contour of the arms.  Some patients who have thick arms are candidates for a first stage debulking liposuction of the arms and a second stage brachioplasty.  

The effects of time, pregnancy, and weight loss can produce dramatic changes to the appearance of the breast. These changes include loss of breast volume, loss of skin elasticity, descent of the nipple below the crease, stretch marks, a flattened look of the breast with loss of projection, and a widened areola. Patients wanting to reverse these changes can benefit from a breast lift. This operation places the nipple at a higher position on the chest. The breast mound is reshaped to restore a youthful well-rounded appearance. Patients with uneven breasts can benefit from a breast lift to correct any such asymmetry

Male Chest Enlargement

Gynecomastia is much more prevalent then most believe.  It is found in up to 40% of males.   It usually occurs as males go through puberty and hormonal changes.  There can be other causes including masses, marijuana, sterioids, medications and hormone imbalances.  Three ways to treat this are with liposuction, excision through small areolar incision, and breast reduction.  Each operation is customized to each patients desires, patients anatomy, and severity of the gynecomastia.

Brazilian Butt Lift
   Buttocks Enhancement is one of the fastest growing plastic surgeries.  A rather new method involving enhancement with a patients own fat.  This is much safer and has much lower complication rates than the silicone buttocks implants.  The patient gets the additional benefit of liposuction during the operation.